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{Unquestionably upholding the highest ideals authentic martial arts while remaining uncompromising on a comprehensive and realistic approach to self defense. Robert Sensei is not only a highly skilled master of jujitsu and karate but a true teacher who fosters individual connections with his students of all ages. If you are looking for something that is outside of the cookie cutter mold of the two extremes of daycare karate studios and or a young man's glorified fight club environment, you will find a true home at the Jukido Jujutsu Dojo.!
George Rego
Chief Instructor
Florida Jukido Jujitsu Academy
{“I am an incredibly grateful parent of two Jukido Jujitsu Dojo students. Parents, if you are considering having your child participate in some form of martial arts training, I urge you to have them try out a class - it may possibly change his / her life forever, as it has done with my own two children. For my daughter, her involvement has helped her to blossom into a strong, confident, young woman. For my son, his involvement has greatly increased his overall focus and concentration, both in and out of school. It has given him the courage and the strength to deal appropriately with bullying situations at school. I honestly do attribute my children's excellent performance in school and their fantastic effort to their own strong commitment to their martial arts training at the Jukido Jujutsu Dojo and Master Robert is the most amazing teacher and role model my children have ever had, and the lessons they have taught my children will stay with them forever and ever. These are the important lessons of keeping themselves physically safe when faced with a very dangerous situation, but they are also the lessons of The Seven Codes of Bushido: Justice, Benevolence, Loyalty, Honor, Politeness, Courage, and Veracity. The lessons of working hard, doing one's best and being a good person are the lessons that I know will stay with my children for a lifetime and, for this, I am eternally grateful.
Ms. Neela Thakur
Assistant Principal
Sedgwick Middle School • West Hartford, Connecticut

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