A martial arts dojo, or training hall, is a place of insight. It is a special space where countless students come to perfect themselves personally and conquer fear; to set clear obtainable goals and learn how to achieve them. At the Jukido Jujutsu Dojo, the instructors and students are connected building a relationship strong in a foundation of student motivation, engagement, and high achievements. The dojo takes on a “laboratory” environment where “live” training allows for developing realistic strategies of self-defense yet grounded in ethical codes for politeness, honor, courage, and many other core human values.

However, the Jukido Jujutsu Dojo is so much more! We are a community of positive, fun, and caring individuals who genuinely enjoy training together. Our goal is to create an environment that inspires children and adults to become a “better than yesterday, with a plan to become even better tomorrow” person while focusing on the complete training of mind and body.

In today’s environment especially, it is perhaps difficult for adults and significantly challenging for children to comprehend the depth of commitment required to follow the “way”…in Japanese “do.” At first, the challenge will be undeniably overwhelming! But with effort and determination to do your absolute best, success will follow!

From the moment you enter the dojo, you will understand the advantages of our teachings. The atmosphere is formal, organized, and particularly respectful. Although the physical jujutsu training may be demanding at times, it is integral to the self-discipline needed to develop your skills, while building extreme determination, and unstoppable resilience regardless of age.

The dojo floor is where students of all levels meet to train. It is the focal point where the tough challenge of martial arts is fully engaged. Students learn to confront and resolve their conflicts and develop a proper mindset to escape to safety or attack back if assaulted. Techniques are polished and tempered in a manner detailed to elicit from each student a unique brilliance. The pride of personal accomplishment at the Jukido Jujutsu dojo leaves no time for excuses, only confidence. Here all that matters is what we do or what we fail to do!

Under the personal direction of Robert sensei, the jujutsu experience is like no other. A veteran master of jujutsu and karate arts his combination of traditional training methods within our serious and purposeful atmosphere aims to create a bond between teacher and student which embodies a transcending commitment to learning the authentic way as the ancient founders fully intended.