What do you want for your child?

Kid’s Jukido Jujutsu

Young children are curious, ambitious, and quite impressionable. They can be influenced easily by their peers and can make questionable decisions. The Jukido Jujutsu Dojo is not just another martial arts school or karate daycare, it’s a dojo that cultivates children while guiding and modeling them in their decision making. Providing a scaffolding as they learn, Robert sensei shapes them to develop confidence, self-worth, focus and above all respect for others and themselves. Our kids program offers the highest quality of instruction for the little ones. And for the parents knowing that your child has the effective tools to know how to “verbally jujutsu” an escalating situation or protect themselves physically if anything happens is priceless.

Code of Bushido

Just like the adult program, the kids will integrate their Jukido Jujutsu techniques into their conditioning; practicing throws, falls, armbars, pain compliance and a host of other applications for self-defense. Through fun active skill-oriented games and training methods, the “one technique at a time” approach will provide structure in the arrangement of cumulative applications, and influence students to perfect themselves while doing their absolute best. This guiding principle draws upon the seven ancient code of Bushido – The Way of The Warrior:


  1. Courage
  2. Honor
  3. Politeness
  4. Loyalty
  5. Justice
  6. Benevolence
  7. Veracity