Self-Defense Workshops

Self-Defense Workshops/Seminars

Think that a violent incident won’t occur at your home, workplace, or walking to your car? Think again! And, preparing to run away will only get you so far. Your life may depend upon your preparedness to act appropriately and decisively. Our self-defense workshops are customized to increase proficiency in realistic self-defense against a variety of violent street attacks and workplace aggression. Organized for a group of 10 or even 100 people our approach to training includes basic self-defense and assaults from people of different shapes and sizes. Learning to function under stress against one or multiple attackers, the participants will learn how to better respond and what “REALLY” works.

Self-Defense Topics

Common self-defense topics of attacks include:

  • Front attacks including wrist grabs and chokes.
  • Rear attacks involving grabbing and dragging to the ground.
  • Punches, strikes & kicks.
  • Strategies for creating and closing distances.
  • Ground defense including evasive strategy and reversal applications.
  • Stabbing and cutting weapons including knives and blades
  • Firearms and guns, including rifles, semiautomatics, shotguns and handguns.
  • Workplace violence including active shooter preparedness and response strategies.


Perfect for:

  • Corporate Team Building & Team Bonding Activities.
  • Private Functions.
  • Groups of Friends.
  • School & Youth Groups.
  • Sports Clubs & Gyms.
  • First Responders.

It’s fun to do something with a friend or a group of friends – Contact us to find out more!