Back to Business

August 6, 2021

The roots of our martial arts curriculum is very much knotted to the investment that our teachers made in us during hands-on training. Basic applications and techniques methodically woven into the fabric of a person’s being is what allows students to excel when the “moment’ demands action.

With a world gone virtual over the last year-plus, it has been increasingly common for martial arts schools to investigate if the original training methods are outdated and obsolete. Some have moved exclusively to online training while many have shaped their student training with the advancement of technology.

For a sensei being able to walk the dojo floor and visit each student allows a hands-on opportunity to compare and contrast different techniques and nuances that are often overlooked remotely. Teaching is personal and as such the chance to connect with students and parents on a human level is primary.

As we get back to business let’s not lose sight of what’s most important – getting students and sensei back in the dojo is the investment that we all make.